Water Conservation application for Consumers

Mainlink Consumer app – a user-friendly solution for water conservation. Track your consumption effortlessly and receive critical notifications, including alerts for potential water leaks, encouraging prompt action to save water and contribute to sustainable living.

How Smart Water App Works? 

Smart water meters

Smart water meters accurately measure water consumption.

Mainhive IoT Platform

Mainhive processes and analyzes water consumption data and detects possible leaks.

Mainlink App for consumers

The Mainlink app for consumers shows water consumption for various periods and provides alarms for possible leaks, freezes, and explosions.

Mainlink Smart Water App Features

Check monthly water consumption data in a second. 

Easily register meter by simply scanning a barcode or QR Code. All meters that belong to you will be added automatically.

Track the total consumption level of several individual objects by simply assigning the desired meters. Get detailed information about the total consumption of all meters in the respective object as well as separate consumption of each resource.

Household consumption is shown for the current month and is broken down by day (last 30 days), week (last 12 weeks) and month (last 12 months). Compare current consumption with the previous period in a simple graphical way.

To ensure a quick response and avoid possible damage, any recorded unusual situation, such as water leakage, explosion or freezing, will be sent to your phone immediately as an alarm message.

In the event of an emergency, the app allows to respond as quickly as possible by calling emergency technical service as soon as the alarm is received.

App compatibility

The Mainlink app is compatible with iOS™ and Android™ powered smartphones:

Android™ operating system, minimum 8.0

iOS™ operating system, minimum iOS™ 9.0

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