Submetering Solutions

Our submetering solution enables building administrators to remotely monitor and analyze their meter usage data. AMI-based services provide accurate data for invoicing, consumption balancing, theft and leak reporting as well as alert notifications and alert analytics. With immediate alert notifications our intuitive platform allows users to quickly detect and prevent damages to their metering infrastructure and avoid non-revenue cases.

Submetering Solution Consists of

Smart meter

Choose our hardware or use your existing meters with our LoRaWAN gateways and retrofitting options.


The converter collects data from various types of existing meters and transmits it to the LoRaWAN network.

Complete carrier-grade LoRaWAN network used for smart meter communication that requires no additional resources as it is fully taken care of by Mainlink.
Cloud platform utilizing advanced technology to securely process and analyze data, automate monitoring processes and easily integrate with existing systems.
End-User App
Enable consumers to monitor their utility usage through our user-friendly app.

Benefits of Submetering Solutions

Cost Efficiency
Smooth user experience
Sustainable & safe


Residential sector

Our hardware-and-network agnostic solutions enable digital transformation in the residential sector, making IoT expansion easier with less initial investment and higher returns.

Commercial sector

Our solution is easy to deploy, manage, and cost-effective, allowing businesses to focus on their operations while our platform takes care of utilities management.


With LoRa-based applications, we help customers upgrade their legacy metering infrastructure by eliminating traditional walk-by or drive-by data reading methods, making the process more efficient and accurate.

Case study

Techtenna applies our solution for multifamily sector

Mainlink is delighted to announce a new pilot stage in the sub-metering sector with a LoRaWAN operator – Techtenna from Breda, The Netherlands. Together with Axioma Metering and Techtenna, the pilot will feature Qalcosonic W1 smart ultrasonic water meters with LoRa modules operating within Mainlinks‘ intelligent data management platform – Mainhive.

How Submetering Solutions works? 

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