Double Installation, Double Costs? The Quiet Death of Mechanical Water Meters 

Is the end near for mechanical water meters? With ultrasonic technology storming the market, the answer seems clear to us. These advanced water meters promise not […]

5 Main LoRaWAN Network Benefits for Water Metering 

We see that the demand for efficient water management solutions grows each year. The International Energy Agency claims that more than 34% of pumped water is […]
axioma ultrasonic water meter

Ultrasonic Meters vs Mechanical Meters: The Advantages and Disadvantages 

In the world of water meters, there’s always the same question: stick with the traditional mechanical meters, long-standing fixtures in the industry, or explore the newer […]

How Ultrasonic Flow Water Meter Work?

Ultrasonic flow water meters revolutionize the way we measure fluid velocity, utilizing advanced ultrasonic technology to provide accurate and reliable readings. These meters come in two […]

Water Conservation App | Optimizing Water Consumption with Residents’ Mobile App 

Clean water, a precious resource, faces threats like climate change, population growth, and inefficient usage. As we face the pressing challenge of water scarcity, the need […]

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Water Metering 

Water scarcity remains a significant challenge in the 21st century. Data reveals that one in ten people worldwide lack access to clean water supplies, presenting a […]
ultrasonic water meters for subemtering

The Differences Between Metering and Submetering 

If you own property or administer multifamily buildings, suburban districts, or other property units, you are likely already familiar with the terms metering and submetering. The […]
meter data management system mainhive

What Is a Meter Data Management System? 

In the smart metering context, data collection and storage are crucial parts of ensuring efficient utility monitoring and billing processes. A Meter Data Management (MDM) platform […]

What is Non-Revenue Water and How to Reduce it? 

Non-revenue water (NRW) is a pressing issue faced by water utilities worldwide, leading to significant water losses and challenges in managing water resources effectively. Simply put, […]
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