Smart Metering Solutions

We offer smart metering solutions to measure and monitor heat/cooling, or water consumption for utilities or submetering companies. Smart metering system or  “advanced metering infrastructure” (AMI) consist of 3 main parts: smart meter, communication network, and IoT cloud data management platform. 

Advanced metering systems enables utility and submetering companies to monitor consumption patterns in real-time and remotely, eliminating the need for manual readings. Almost real-time information enables consumers and utility companies to accurately track consumption patterns while lowering costs.

Our Smart Metering Solutions

Smart Metering for Utilities

Optimize utility operations by seamlessly integrating all utility meters into our comprehensive end-to-end solution. Effortlessly connect and manage all meters, whether for water, heating, or cooling, from a single centralized hub.

Enhance cost efficiency, streamline billing processes, and optimize operational workflows.

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Water Submetering for North America

We designed an easy-to-use ultrasonic water submetering system, keeping submetering companies and installers in mind.

Our plug-and-play system incorporates ultrasonic water meters, LoRaWAN gateways, and a smart IoT cloud platform, enabling efficient water consumption monitoring, accurate billing, and leak detection.

Smart Building

Enhance the comfort and safety of your building and simultaneously drive operational efficiency and cost savings with our advanced IoT solutions.

By leveraging a diverse range of IoT devices such as temperature sensors, HVAC, and smart meters, and combining them with our smart IoT platform you’ll have a comprehensive view of your building’s performance allowing you to fine-tune energy usage and minimize operational costs.

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Smart Metering for Submetering

Remotely monitor and analyze meter data of residential and commercial buildings. Use system APIs for easy data transfers to billing applications.

Gain valuable insights into meter data usage patterns and trends, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation effectively. Whether you’re looking to modernize your metering infrastructure or simply enhance your existing systems, our solution provides the flexibility and scalability you need to stay ahead in today’s dynamic utility landscape.

Key features of Smart Metering

  • Remote Data Monitoring: Smart meters enable utility companies to monitor consumption patterns remotely, eliminating the need for manual meter readings. 
  • Almost Real-Time Data: These systems provide almost real-time information on energy or water usage, allowing consumers and utility companies to accurately track consumption patterns. 
  • Two-way Communication: Smart meters can communicate data to the utility provider and receive commands.
  • Network Monitoring: This involves the ability to view all incoming raw data telegrams, analysing network stability based on signal health parameters, ensuring well-planned network coverage, and maintaining a constant flow of data telegrams from devices. 
  • Improved Efficiency: By providing accurate and timely information, smart metering systems help identify areas of abnormal resource consumption, leaks, bursts, and backflow. This allows for more efficient resource use and reduced waste, as well as the detection of faulty installations. 

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