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Mainnet – a complete carrier-grade LoRa. Uniquely managed without the need for additional resources, this technology stands as a beacon of efficiency for smart meters. The Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) protocol offers unparalleled benefits, including an extended communication range, low power consumption, and secure data transmission.

About Technology

LoRaWAN® is communication technology for a low power and long-range radio network.

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Designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications LoRa® fulfils vital technical requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localisation services. LoRa® operates within license-free radio bands, which gives anyone the freedom to build a LoRaWAN® network. LoRa® technology enables very long-transmissions while using exceptionally low power consumption. It is considered as the best possible communication technology for the Smart Metering applications.

The LoRaWAN® protocol is an open standard developed and maintained by a non-profit association called the LoRa Alliance® of which Mainlink is a contributing member.

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Mainnet Highlights

Energy efficient

Low bit rates and asynchronous communications ensure low energy consumption. Sensors are designed to send small data bits when required, whether event-driven or scheduled, and battery life can last up to 16 years.

Low cost

LoRa gateways are stateless and do not have to establish a session to communicate with a sensor. As a result, gateways and sensors provisioning is efficient and reduces costs of deployment.

Open protocol

The LoRaWAN® specification is supported and maintained by the LoRa Alliance allowing seamless and quick scalability. LoRa® technology typically operates in the unlicensed spectrum and is ideal for public and private networks.

Future proof

An expanding ecosystem of multinational corporations, startups, public sector organizations, and community hubs across every part of the IoT value chain. Collaboration through the LoRa Alliance ensures interoperability, compliance and growth of the LoRAWAN® protocol


Network server security guarantees the authenticity of devices in the network, while secure applications ensure end-user data is protected and confidential. LoRa has AES-128 encryption built-in as a standard.

Easy installation

Gateways can provide coverage for a very large area range, while low cost and long-lasting battery-operated sensors can be installed with no need for power source wiring or constant maintenance operations.

The Mainnet solution allows easily and without any hassle to handle your smart device ecosystem.

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