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We help water utilities to deal with the following challenges:

Non-revenue water

Enabling quick elimination of water leaks, thefts, meter inaccuracy, and unmetered consumption

Operational efficiency

Supporting planning and efficient resource distribution with meter data management system

Sustainability strategy

Enabling smarter and conscious resource planning and usage with advanced metering analytics

End-to-end solution

Mainlink provides a flexible end-to-end solution that can be easily combined with existing infrastructure or platforms already in use by our clients

Cloud platform utilizing smart tech aimed at secure data collection and implementation of automatization

Complete carrier-grade LoRa-based network infrastructure built and managed without requiring significant investment

Most innovative ultrasonic smart water and heat meters, provided on a Hardware-as-a-Service basis

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Explore a complete range of Mainlink services and smart solutions that help you develop an easy to administer and use-smart infrastructure.

Gain control of your resources

Mainlink focuses on assisting water utilities in saving and optimising resources, both public and organizational. Our aim is to help utilities to take better control of their resources while making the digital transformation less overwhelming.


Enabling utilities to efficiently deal with non-revenue water cases and perform accurate long-term planning


Helping utilities to decrease administrative and financial barriers by providing flexible and easy-to-use solutions


Enabling end-users to track and save water

Flexibility and scalability

We created a solution that caters for water utility company needs, yet remains flexible and easy to implement in cases of both new and existing metering infrastructure.

Lora connectivity solution and cloud infrastructure are easy to scale and allow clients to avoid vendor lock-in problems.

Ease of use

We designed the system and interfaces to enable users to perform tasks and get value without requiring extensive training or additional skills.

The full-service model optimizes the workflows providing clients with a unified way to operate, as they require less administration, less monitoring and less time to complete the tasks.


Mainlink MaaS model does not require additional investments from the client, while providing clear pricing (flat rate) and eliminating the need for external loans and additional financing.

For clients renting or leasing metering devices, Mainlink offers lifetime warranty and flexible agreement terms.

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