Remote meter data

We specialize in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions utilizing Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networks.

Integration and modernization of legacy infrastructure

With hardware and network-agnostic smart metering systems we can integrate and modernize any type of legacy meter infrastructure (AMR to AMI).

Smart metering data management and analysis

High-level of security and automation, advanced analytics and machine learning features set our cloud platform apart from the competition.

Why Choose Mainlink

Waste reduction and cost efficiency
Data-driven operations and planning
Improved sustainability and CO2 reduction
Full legal and regulatory compliance
Asset lifetime extension

Smart Metering Systems

Smart Metering for Utilities

Connect all your utility smart meters using our end-to-end solution and enjoy cost efficiency, simplified billing and streamlined operations.

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Smart Metering Systems for Submetering

Remotely monitor and analyze smart meter data usage for residential and commercial sectors, or upgrade your legacy metering infrastructure to AMI.

Smart Building

Improve the well-being of your building’s occupants and optimize your building’s operational costs.

ICOR group smart building
Developers working on submetering system

Water Submetering

A solution specifically designed for North America to lower operating costs and recover the cost of water utilities from commercial, multifamily, high-rise, and mobile home properties.

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