Axilink - Mobile Application For Confirming a Successful Water Meter Installation

With just a simple scan of the water meter, you can enable its operational mode. Instantly, you’ll know if the meter is active, if it’s connected to the network, and if it’s transmitting data to your platform (if applicable). Experience less hassle with our intuitive mobile app.

Axilink Water Meter Installation Mobile App

Key Features

What Are the Main Values of Axilink Mobile Application?

How Does The App Work?

1. Download the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

2. Once the water meter installation is complete and network deployment is ready, simply open the app and using NFC technology scan the water meter with a single button click to read the data.

3. A green light signifies a successful meter installation and activation.

4. A yellow light status points to a specific problem areas, such as device radio module and network connectivity issues, or connection loss to the Mainlink cloud platform.

App compatibility

The Axilink mobile app is compatible with iOS™ and Android™ powered smartphones:

Android™ operating system, minimum 8.0

iOS™ operating system, minimum iOS™ 9.0

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Axilink Mobile App

Leave Doubts Behind as This Mobile App Delivers Assurance That the Water Meter is Activated and Sending the Data